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Tue Jun 4 12:25:35 MDT 2013

personal website... so it's *probably* right. ;-)

> I really doubt I'm getting a signal all the way from California :)

I'm sure you aren't... although, people have amplified the signal from
those things and gotten them up to 2-3 mile ranges...

> Do these people outsource IP addresses to some local access provider and
> perhaps one of my neighbors subscribes to that provider and has a
> wireless access point in their home? Do any of you guys recognize the IP
> address as belonging to some local ISP?

Any addresses registered to the IANA are basically "reserved"/not in use
assignments. They "indirectly" give local providers IP addresses, but since
all valid IP blocks have to be registered to someone, those with special
purposes and those that are currently unassigned (and there are a lot of
them, actually) are assigned to the IANA.

Do a whois on and see what you get.

> Also, are there any techniques or software that I can use to find the
> source of the signal?

Yeah, but you're likely to find it's the one coming from your own house...
in which case, it wouldn't be as much fun to "tell them to lock down their
network..." ;-)

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