[NCLUG] May 2013 Talk Slides: Chasing the Workstation Dream/Exploring Gnome 3

Maxwell Spangler maxlists at maxwellspangler.com
Wed Jun 5 23:36:04 MDT 2013

THANKS to everyone who attended my May 2013 talk "Chasing the
Workstation Dream: Exploring Gnome 3" earlier this month.  It was a
pleasure to present and I really enjoyed the interactive feedback from
this audience.  Especially the snarky comments when Gnome 3 occasionally
crashed.  I thought this might be a tough audience but I think you were
laughing with me not at me :)

The presentation slides are available here:


Sorry this took me so long to put up, but I totaled my car four days
later and have been busy this month working to replace it.  I finally
got that done last Friday and now I'm working to get caught up
everything else.

Has anyone tried Gnome 3 this month?  Fedora 19 is out next month and it
gets even better.


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