[NCLUG] Local Availability

Michael Riversong chylogos at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 14 20:50:54 MDT 2014

As usual, the amount of time available to tinker with a computer is limited.  Need to get a new Netbook as the one i'm using now is obsolete and even its Linux side is difficult to upgrade.  In fact there were few systems that would install on it when new, so the Mandriva system on it is a third choice.

Is there any place in Ft. Collins where it would be possible to quickly pick up a bare or preinstalled computer?  Here are some ideal specs:

11" screen
2GB processor
SuSe Linux
Ubuntu is a good 2nd choice
Working Wi-Fi Internet connection
compatibility with Verizon JetPack WiFi device

Thanks in advance for your comments

Michael Riversong
Educator:  Science, Music, Logic

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