[NCLUG] I was stupid. Learn from my pain.

Grant Johnson grant at amadensor.com
Thu Aug 14 22:12:31 MDT 2014

Well, I added two more drives to a machine here at the house.    I made 
them a paired array that I intended to make into a physical volume to 
make more space for my stuff by adding it to the volume group.   So, I 
assembled the array, rebuild initramfs, rebooted to make sure it was OK, 
reset it to read/write, and all was well.   I had created md1 without 
any major issues.   Then a little fdisk /dev/md0 and create a partition 
on the disk, type of Linux LVM, write the partition table, and exit.

Well, now I was sad.   No more useful response from pvs or lvs or vgs, 
reboot only loads initrd, then fails to start the LVM. Booting from the 
install media in recovery mode will build the array, but not see the LVM 
bits.  I had killed it, or so I thought.   Time to reinstall and start 
from backups again.   Well, I deleted the partition, and suddenly, 
pvscan found things!   Reboot and all is well, except for my stress level.

Just in case any of you make this bonehead move and build a partition on 
a device defined to have the whole device be used as a physical volume.  
All may not be lost.

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