[NCLUG] May 10th, 2016 NCLUG Meeting

David E. Auter david.auter at comcast.net
Sat Apr 23 21:40:16 MDT 2016

Topic ideas for May 10th, 2016 meeting:

1. We're having a party. Dancin' to the music...

Sorry Sam - not that kind of party. I am wanting to enlarge my Web of 
Trust so would like to take a few minutes to have a key signing party 
with other users of PGP.

I will bring my email address and key's fingerprint printed on slips of 
paper as well as a government issued photo id (driver's license). I 
don't have two forms of photo id but for additional id can either have 
Bill vouch for me (he's known me for going on about twenty years) or 
vehicle registration.

If you want me or others to sign your key bring printed slips with your 
email and key's fingerprint as well as ids. We'll take a few minutes to 
validate ids and exchange key information.

No need to take up meeting time for the actual signing - we can obtain 
the keys later (either via keyservers or email); match them to the info 
on the slips and proceed to sign them and then deliver the signed key to 
it's respective owner.

2. LaTeX

I'll spend a few minutes talking about my recent experience with 
learning and using LaTeX.


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