[NCLUG] Topics for June 14, 2016 meeting

David E. Auter david.auter at comcast.net
Wed Jun 8 16:58:15 MDT 2016

Topics ideas for June 14, 2016 meeting:

1. PGP key signing party

This month we will have the key signing party that was originally 
planned for last month.

If you don't currently use PGP you can use this as an opportunity to get 
started. Most Linux distributions come with an implementation of OpenPGP 
called GnuPG (aka gpg) already installed. The defaults for gpg still use 
SHA1 for signing - this applies to self-signing any keys you generate 
unless you specify otherwise by using the --cert-digest-algo option.

For example:
     "gpg --gen-key --cert-digest-algo SHA256"
     "gpg --gen-key --cert-digest-algo SHA512"

You will be prompted for other options such as key size (default 2048 
but I'd recommend 4096), name, email, password, etc.. I also recommend 
specifying an expiration date for in a few years: the date can be 
extended if needed.

Then run the command
    "gpg --fingerprint <keyid> > key_fingerprint"
and use the editor of your choice to fill a page with the contents of 
that file and print it out and cut into strips to be handed out at the 
key signing party.

Additional configuration, signing keys, and exchanging keys will be 
discussed at the meeting if needed.

If you need to update to a larger key size now would be a good time to 
do it. Sign it with your old key to carry forward a modicum of the trust 
you had built up and then start building your web of trust directly on 
the key at the party.

2.  Latex
I'll spend a few minutes talking about my recent experience with 
learning and using LaTeX.

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