[NCLUG] Tuesday August 8th, 2017 NCLUG Meeting at FCCH

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Tue Aug 8 19:49:25 MDT 2017

James DeWitt wrote:
> Topic:  Short Topics!  Please tell us about a project, tech topic, or
> problem that interests you in around 10 minutes. Quick demos are a plus!

Bob talked about 10 Minute Email, Mailinator, and the various.  Here
are some samples.  May be used for disposable addresses.  David
suggested Guerrillamail.


But my recommendation is to use Mailinator.  Mailinator has many cool features.


Aaron then talked about LineageOS.  Support your inexpexive Android
devices that are out of official support.


Bill, We will see you at Coopersmith's in a few minutes.

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