[NCLUG] Tuesday November 13th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting: Kubernetes and Metacontroller

jdewitt at verinet.com jdewitt at verinet.com
Fri Nov 9 20:31:28 MST 2018

Hi NCLUGers,

What: Tuesday November 13th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting
When: Tuesday November 13th, 2018, 6pm
Where: Fort Collins Creator Hub,
  1304 Duff Dr Unit 15, Fort Collins, CO; map:

Please join us Tuesday at the Fort Collins Creator Hub, 
1304 Duff Dr Unit 15, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

Topic:  Please welcome Will Newby who will be speaking about Kubernetes
and Metacontroller:
"Kubernetes is the hot new thing for managing your workloads, but what
about everything that's not inside a docker container? 
What about 3rd party services? Metacontroller! We'll use Google Cloud's
project Metacontroller to create a controller in Python 
for updown.io healthchecks. You'll be able to apply Metacontroller to your
own Kubernetes-managed problem."

If you have a Linux related topic, short or long, that you would like to
present in a future meeting, please let us know.

Following the meeting, please join us for food.

Space for the meetings is generously provided by The Fort Collins
Creator Hub. Thanks, FCCH! 

For more information about FCCH, please visit:

See you there!

James DeWitt
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