attempting to tranfer Ubuntu 22.04 OS to another drive

Phil Marsh microcraftx at
Thu Dec 1 21:59:51 UTC 2022

Perhaps one of you can give me some ideas.
I have a Xubuntu installation on a hard drive. Originally, I did the
installation on a SATA SSD but somehow the installer directed the
installation on the new drive to mount the efi partition on the original
install on the SSD. I'm trying to correct this and tried to copy all the OS
files to an external drive and tried to make that drive bootable with no
success, using an old method that used to work for Ubuntu 18.04 on my old
server. When booting from the external drive grub comes up with an error
because it's trying to look for the OS on the wrong drive, in spite of
being installed to the external drive. I also changed the external drive's
fstab file to reflect the external drive, but grub still looks on the wrong
drive - which is removed during the boot of the external USB drive.
Basically, would one of you be able to kindly tell me how to transfer the
OS files to a new drive and make that drive bootable? I'd set my machine's
bios to boot in legacy but it seems that the efi partition keeps getting
I'll need to know how to do this in the future because I use this method to
be able to always come up with a bootable drive and recover without a total
reinstallation of the OS.
Thanks and best,
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