Brief rant about raku (what used be called Perl 6)

Bob Proulx bob at
Mon Jan 10 14:27:32 MST 2022

Brian Grossman wrote:
> There's always Perl 7.

The comments in that thread were hilarious.

As far as I can tell Perl 7 aims at having some specific new use
pragmas that turn on and off various features to set a new default
language standard.  Mostly.  Which means that if we have developed our
own template for how to start off a perl program then that changes
with v7.  For example with v5 I would generally start my program with
something like this for v5.

    use IO::File;
    use Getopt::Long;
    use strict;
    use warnings FATAL => 'all';

But in v7 it might be this.

    use IO::File;
    use Getopt::Long;

Yawn...  That's just too much excitement.  I think I will take a nap now.


P.S. I always put the "use strict" and such *after* the use of the
standard modules.  *I* don't want to see errors and warnings issued
for code in the standard library.  Therefore I turn it on for my own
stuff after the loading of those is done.

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