Tuesday April 11th, 2023 NCLUG Meeting

Aaron D. Johnson adj at fnord.greeley.co.us
Wed Apr 12 14:37:13 UTC 2023

Bob Proulx writes:
> Linux Policy Routing.  Two WAN connections.  Comcast along with Allo
> fiber.  Bought a "multi-gig" dual NIC network card.  Multi-gig is
> the new-ish standard of 2.5 Gig or 5 Gig rated protocols that is now
> becoming available.  Has both public IP addresses connected to the
> public DNS name.  Review one of the problems.  The outbound must
> come back from the IP address that makes sense.  Can't exit a
> default route out on Allo for Comcast addresses, and not the reverse
> either.  Enter Linux Policy Routing.  Both modems being in bridge
> mode so the default routes are the ISP routers.  A little diversion
> down the Comcast support rants which we have all experienced
> ourselves too.

So, on this topic, I'm happy to elaborate.  I did most of my initial
research on the topic at https://lartc.org/.  There's a lot more to be
explored beyond the policy routing stuff there.

Future plans on this include possibly ditching Comcast.  But at the
same time, they're sending me flyers about multi-gigabit (symmetric?)
fiber optic installs coming to my neighborhood in the near future.  So
keeping my options open for now...

- Aaron

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