Tuesday January 10th, 2022 NCLUG Meeting

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Wed Jan 11 02:25:06 UTC 2023

j dewitt wrote:
> What: Tuesday January 10th, 2022 NCLUG Meeting

This was the first meeting at the FC Creator Hub of the new year.
Everyone who walked through the door was reminded to please sign the
site waiver.  One electronic signature and you are good for the rest
of the year.

LastPass is in the news.  Bob opened the meeting talking about the
security ramifications of LastPass.  Which of course diverted into
side notes from the group about general password security.  2-factor
dongles like Yubikey.

Alex described a Twitch channel with Kitboga which bates scammers.
Has what looks like live bank accounts and such but in reality is just
a sandbox with everything virtual.  Another guy Jim Browning who does
reverse hacking of scammers.

Talking about how devices locate themselves.  It's not just GPS.  It
uses WiFi Access Points to quickly deduce their location until GPS is
in sync and locked in.

What meeting would be incomplete if we didn't talk about Vim versus
Neovim?  It wouldn't be a meeting!  Of course we had questions about
this and then fortunately Bill was here to save us and answer those
questions.  I learned some new features of Neovim.  And then there is
an easy vim called eVim.  This of course branched off to keyboard
layout patterns.  QWERTY versus Dvorak versus Colemak.

Hacking Society.  We have been meeting at the new Starbucks because
they were the first coffee shop to open after the pandemic closings
that was open until 10pm.  It has been a good venue for us.  But they
keep closing their hours earlier and earlier.  They are now closing
nightly at 7:30pm.  Which is just not useful for people who work

Stephen has been lobbying for a while to meet at the Dutch Brothers
Coffee at Taft & Elizabeth which is open until 9pm.  Across Elizabeth
from the King Soopers.  Next Tuesday the Hacking Society group will be
meeting at Dutch Brothers at 2140 W Elizabeth.  Tuesdays that are not
NCLUG Tuesdays a group of us meet at the coffee shop.  This next
Tuesday and until further notice of change we are going to meet
there at Dutch Brothers Coffee.  Even though their tea selections are
quite poor.

    Dutch Brothers Coffee
    2140 W Elizabeth

And then the group adjourned.  Then several went to Slyce Pizza for
the usual after meeting dinner and social hour.

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