Question on ZFS

Phil Marsh microcraftx at
Thu Feb 8 21:07:49 UTC 2024

Hi Bob, All,
I was wondering. Do you recommend using an SSD cache for ZFS, i.e. an L2ARC
I have 512GB on my main ZFS server and I use some nvme SSD drives for my
virtual machines and chroots. I'm thinking that because ZFS now supports
persistent L2ARC that it makes more sense to convert the SSDs to L2ARC and
I could then eliminate the need to mirror these SSDs.
I'd transfer all my chroots and virtual machines to datasets in my main
pool and use the freed-up SSDs for L2ARC drives. No mirroring = extra
space. The only downside I see is that an initial use might result in the
L2ARC needing to load in the VMs if they haven't been used recently. I
think my L2ARC would start out at 2TB between 2 nvme drives and I could
likely go up.
I'm already running a SLOG between two Intel Optane 59GB nvmes.
What do you think?
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