[NCLUG] Mesa Networks (broadband)

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Wed Aug 21 19:59:51 MDT 2002

I called a combined CWX Architecture and Board meeting last monday on this
topic and floated a trial rate structure for discussion mid week of which
Matt was CC'd because of his ongoing involvement in CWX. We met last Friday
for lunch and worked out the details, and the CWX Board formally approved
it yesterday by email. We notified our membership today about the reduced
rate structure (17-34% for most members), and updated our web site:


If we grew by 50 members with the current cost structure we have today, there
is a good chance our rates would be better (maybe significantly) than what
Mesa is offering. As a non-profit cooperative, we do not need to provide a
return on investment profit to our stockholders, as the owners we take that
in reduced rates or better our service instead. Member owned, member operated
can have it's advantages.

For many rural locations we now have rates very price competitive with a
second POTS line (that only supports 24.4K baud) and normal ISP rates, and
a lot faster.

John Bass

Matt Taggart <matt at lackof.org> wrote:
> Patrick Riedel writes...
> > On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 10:21:37 -0600
> > Rich Young <rich at ExperiencePlus.Com> wrote:
> > 
> > > Part of my ongoing saga of the search for affordable broadband in
> > > parts of FC where DSL/cable are unavailable...
> > > 
> > 
> > Also, I'm assuming you've heard of CWX (http://www.cwx.net/)?
> > 
> > Higher prices, but available now (I believe).
> Prices should be coming down soon due to increased membership. Adding more 
> members would only make that happen faster. I'm not sure if they'll go from 
> $60 -> $44 right away but if CWX got the 25-50 customers that Mesa is asking 
> for to create a new repeater site, I bet they might. CWX's Terms Of Service 
> are probably better too.
> -- 
> Matt Taggart
> matt at lackof.org

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