[NCLUG] how to create /dev/hdb for dual cdroms configuration

Michael Dwyer mdwyer at sixthdimension.com
Tue Feb 5 15:57:07 MST 2002

kensharon.morris at att.net wrote:
> There is no /dev/hdb in the /dev
> directory.
> If I put a boot disk in HDB it will boot....but
> linux
> doesn't see it after the install only sees the scd0 cdrw.
> Maybe a new process needs to be added for an irq?

This sounds like a devfs problem.  Unfortunatly, I'm not familiar with
devfs, so I cannot really help you.  But if I understand correctly, the
devfs creates devices on the fly, though they may be in a different
place than you expect.  /dev/hdb  might now be /dev/disk/ide/b or
something...  I really wish I knew. 

Also, there is a devfs daemon, which is configured from a similarly
named file in the /etc directory.  There might be some enlightenment in

Otherwise, I'm sorry I cannot help you more. :(

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