[NCLUG] copying audio cds

William Dan Terry william.terry at knotworks.com
Mon Oct 7 09:35:18 MDT 2002

I've been through the burning howto and the cdr faq, but am missing a
few pieces. I'm wondering if I can do a rip with cdparanoia in raw
format (but little endian or big endian?) into a single output file and
then burn the file as is. I've only burned cds with data in ISO9660. Or
do I just need to rip the cd to wav files and the burn the wav files as
dao. Anyway, if anyone has good sources of instructions they can point
me to, I'd greatly appreciate it as I'm either missing something or need
other sources of info to have a clear idea of what I need to do from the
burning howto and the cdr faq (which is M$ oriented in it's mentioning
sw). I've had one project to duplicate cds of a recording of my
grandfather's stories I made 25 years ago sitting on my plate for a long
time. Once I get cd to cd then I'm going to learn how to get some of my
vinyl and cassette music onto cds.

Anyway, I'd appreciate pointers to any good howtos or faqs or other

Peace, William

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