[NCLUG] Any luck salvaging contents of drive?

mike cullerton michaelc at cullerton.com
Thu Oct 17 16:18:18 MDT 2002

hey grey,

no, i never did find a solution.

i did meet someone who had a similar problem and they ended up working 
with a data recovery company in denver. it's an expensive option, but 
apparently they are much less expensive than other folks. the guy i met 
was very happy with their service.


i personally have not worked with these folks and don't have any 
first-hand experience with them.


On Thursday, October 17, 2002, at 03:49 PM, Shannon Stocker wrote:

> I have a Mac G4 running OSX and an external firewire HD crashed during 
> a
> power surge and gave me the "invalid node structure" note when trying 
> to
> repair the drive using Mac's disc utility.  I'm hoping you found 
> something
> out that may help me.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Greg

  -- mike cullerton

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