[NCLUG] RH8.0 firewire failure

Matt Bruehl mbr at fc.hp.com
Fri Oct 18 12:30:59 MDT 2002

I'm having a problem with my new RH8 installation.  Upon reboot, the console spews hundreds of these 
messages before the kernel ever gets to the RC scripts:

ohci1394_0: Unrecoverable error, shutting down card!

Then, after I've logged in, and looked at the /var/log/messages, I see *thousands* more of the same 
message (kernel: ohci1394_0: Unrecoverable error, shutting down card!).  I checked the 
/var/log/boot.log, and strangely saw this:

rc.sysinit: Initializing firewire controller (ohci1394):  succeeded

Even as I type, the /var/log/messages is still reporting thousands of the unrecoverable error 
messages.  My system has a Pinnacle DV firewire card (with the on-board video capture and conversion 
stuff).  I've searched google several times, and could find nothing that explains this problem or 
how to solve it.  Can anyone suggest a solution (besides removing the card)?  Any kernel parameters 
or new modules I can try?


Matt Bruehl

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