[NCLUG] RH8.0 firewire failure

Matt Pujol mattp at lsil.com
Fri Oct 18 18:23:45 MDT 2002

Hi Mark,

I'm on the Linux-1394 development reflector.  I'll post your question and
see what comes back.  I don't think these guys are looking closely at RH8
yet, and I wouldn't be surprised if they included some bogus version of the

In the interim, depending on your technical fearlessness, you can go to
www.linux1394.org and grab the latest and greatest (source) distribution.

BTW, which version of the Pinnacle card are you using.  The DV500 and the
Studio DV versions seem to be supported (at least on older versions of the

Good luck,


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I'm having a problem with my new RH8 installation.  Upon reboot, the console
spews hundreds of these
messages before the kernel ever gets to the RC scripts:

ohci1394_0: Unrecoverable error, shutting down card!

Then, after I've logged in, and looked at the /var/log/messages, I see
*thousands* more of the same
message (kernel: ohci1394_0: Unrecoverable error, shutting down card!).  I
checked the
/var/log/boot.log, and strangely saw this:

rc.sysinit: Initializing firewire controller (ohci1394):  succeeded

Even as I type, the /var/log/messages is still reporting thousands of the
unrecoverable error
messages.  My system has a Pinnacle DV firewire card (with the on-board
video capture and conversion
stuff).  I've searched google several times, and could find nothing that
explains this problem or
how to solve it.  Can anyone suggest a solution (besides removing the card)?
Any kernel parameters
or new modules I can try?


Matt Bruehl

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