[NCLUG] recover image files?

Brett Johnson brett at hp.com
Mon Aug 23 10:31:54 MDT 2004

Person Who Asked To Have Her Name Removed From The Internet wrote:
> yes, it is jpg
> gqview and eog don't like it (gqview says unknown and eog says unknown 
> image format.
> searched for libjpeg - looks like you're using debian
> I'm using fedora

Sounds to me like you're missing libjpeg (which both eog and gqview use to manipulate 
jpeg format files).  Does "rpm -qa | grep jpeg" tell you that libjpeg is installed? 
If not, it looks like you can get the rpm from:


Although I'd imagine it's on your fedora CDs as well.

Have you tried opening the files with the Gimp?  ISTR that gimp uses a different jpeg 
handling library.

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