[NCLUG] Wanted: DMT DSL Modem. Cisco 678?

Joel Nevison jvnn at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 8 18:27:46 MST 2005

Hey Bob, I have a 678 you can have.  I've never had it
working. (I got it from somebody on the list a while
back)  I've got a 675 you can have too, if you want
it, Docs and other stuff galore, you can have the
whole lot.  I know you from playing go way back.
- Joel
--- Bob Proulx <bob at proulx.com> wrote:

> I have recently upgraded my Fort Collins Qwest DSL
> line from CAP to
> DMT in order to take the speed to 1.5/1 Mbs down/up.
>  My old trusty
> Cisco 675 only does CAP.  I borrowed a Cisco 678
> from a friend.  But I
> could not talk him into selling it to me.  He is
> planning on using it
> himself again very soon.  This may not be a bad
> thing.  I fear this
> particular modem may be flakey.  Periodically my
> connection gets into
> a high packet loss state[1].  Is it the modem, the
> line, the ISP
> equipment?  Not sure.  Sometimes reseting things
> helps.  Sometimes it
> does not.  I need to replace the modem regardless so
> I am going to
> work that angle first.  I am thinking the problem is
> the modem.
> That puts me in the market for a DMT capable DSL
> modem.  The current
> new ones are the ActionTec.  But I think I would
> prefer a Cisco 678
> which unfortunately is no longer manufactured.  I
> need to start
> looking on eBay to see what kinds of deals I can
> find.  But I would
> prefer to find one in the Fort Collins and nearby
> area that I could
> just drive to and pick up from someone.  If you
> happen to have one of
> these that you would be willing to sell I would be
> interested in
> talking to you.  I would prefer a Cisco 678 but may
> be interested in
> the ActionTec so I can debug a routing problem I
> can't figure out with
> the Cisco.  But that is another story.
> Thanks
> Bob Proulx <bob at proulx.com>
> [1] If the page is not dead due to packet loss you
> can see the
> real time loss of my system.
>   http://www.proulx.com/sys/pingstats.html
> Since the above hopefully will be resolved soon,
> here are two
> particularly bad days just so you can see the
> trouble I am having.
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