[NCLUG] Wanted: DMT DSL Modem. Cisco 678?

Rich Blinne rich.blinne at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 19:48:11 MST 2005

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> Jamie Fishback wrote:
> > Bob, who is your ISP?
> > Normally with packet loss there are several things that could be
> > wrong.  From just the brief description that you talked about
> > (reseting the modem helped) there could be few options.
> Actually I would claim that reseting the modem really had no noticable
> affect.  Most of the time it did not help at all.  There was exactly
> once where it seemed to work better immediately after a reset.  But
> otherwise powering off for several minutes and then back on again has
> never really had any affect.

Do you have any splitters? What you described sounds like when I had a 675
on my second line. I had a splitter to get the 675 on the second line and it
created all sorts of fits. I moved my DSL service to the first line and it
worked MUCH better. I am currently using a 678 and it is running at 1.5Mb. 

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