[NCLUG] Wanted: DMT DSL Modem. Cisco 678?

Frank Whiteley techzone at greeleynet.com
Sun Jan 9 17:49:02 MST 2005

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> > Jamie Fishback wrote:
> > > Bob, who is your ISP?
> >
> > FRII.
> >
> > > Normally with packet loss there are several things that could be
> > > wrong.  From just the brief description that you talked about
> > > (reseting the modem helped) there could be few options.
> >
> > Actually I would claim that reseting the modem really had no noticable
> > affect.  Most of the time it did not help at all.  There was exactly
> > once where it seemed to work better immediately after a reset.  But
> > otherwise powering off for several minutes and then back on again has
> > never really had any affect.
> Do you have any splitters? What you described sounds like when I had a 675
> on my second line. I had a splitter to get the 675 on the second line and
> created all sorts of fits. I moved my DSL service to the first line and it
> worked MUCH better. I am currently using a 678 and it is running at 1.5Mb.
I guess a splitter could be like adding a bridge tap.  Sometimes it helps to
pull the DSL from the demarc on it's own loop and filter the house phones on
a separate pair with one filter.  Some Qwest installers do this when called
upon to do the setup.  Actiontec are okay, but the 1520's and 1524's develop
auto sense ethernet port problems frequently.  Setting the NIC to a fixed
rate can solve this, but the router is not configurable at that level, nor
are some NICs.  The 701 had some packet size issues, but that's been fixed
apparently.  So, apparently, has the Playstation 2 issue.  The 701 at least
has wireless and USB in addition to ethernet.

A few people have bought the Zoom DMT/DSL router ($70 and up depeding on
model) and I hear they are very happy with them.  I believe they were
sourced in Fort Collins, but the Best Buy and Circuit City websites were
inconclusive.  http://www.zoom.com/products/adsl_overview.html  C678's were
trading for about $85 with shipping on eBay if you won the auction.  Buy it
now prices $125 or higher for still in box gear.

Frank Whiteley

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