[NCLUG] Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Rich Young rich at experienceplus.com
Tue Jan 18 11:22:23 MST 2005

	I'm also out of DSL range and not served by a cable internet
provider.  Here's what I've found in my attempts to find broadband in my
Satellite ($hundreds to start up, roughly $60/month thereafter.  Latency
Mesa Networks wireless ($100ish to start, $35-60/month thereafter.
Serves eastern FC, but not my area)
CWX wireless ($125 plus equipment to start, $30-40/month for 128-256K
connections. Requires line-of-sight to ridgeline behind Horsetooth.)

I don't remember from your original question if 256 is fast enough for
you; I think Quail Hollow is off Overland between Prospect and Mulberry,
but I might be wrong about that.  (Can you give us a marketing-free fix
on your location, like cross-streets or something?) If that's really
where you are, Mesa won't work (too far west) and you might be too close
to the foothills to see over them to the CWX antennae above Horsetooth
(can you see Horsetooth Rock from your house, for example?).  They have
a map of the antennae locations on their website (cwx.net).  

The CWX route is a little different, because it's a coop.  They don't
sell the equipment, they don't have a staff of installers, they don't
actually seem to care too much whether you join or not, etc.  It's all a
little more DIY than other places.  I haven't tried it yet because I
don't feel comfortable evaluating my site for suitability (tree issues
and a metal roof complicate my site), and I don't feel comfortable
making a purchase decision on an antenna. And I'm too cheap to just get
out a wad of cash and tell someone else to do it for me....

If you're truly too far out to get cable or DSL, and too close to the
mountains to use CWX, satellite is, as far as I know, your only
broadband option.

I'm Rich Young, and I approved this message.

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Michael Milligan wrote:
> Stephen Warren wrote:
>> I'm moving next month and hence looking at ISP options.
> If you're within Qwest DSL service area, I can highly recommend 
> Forethought.net.  I have the 1.5 down / 768 up service ($28/mon from 
> Qwest), and Forethought for IP service at $25/mon.  Unlimited data, 
> static IP, subnets available too (extra/month).

Unfortunately, one of the DSL pre-qual websites I found says that I'm
19,000 feet from the CO. This seems to put me out of range of DSL with a
sensible speed.

Anyone in the Fox Creek (or close by places like Quail Hollow) area of
Fort Collins that can comment?

Thanks for all the pointers!
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