[NCLUG] forwarding email, was Broadband ISP in Fort Collins

Rich Blinne e-lists at blinne.org
Sat Jan 22 09:06:57 MST 2005

Matt wrote:

>So I've done all that, and am happy with it, but I did run into one
>problem with email and wonder how other people solve it.
>I couldn't send email to myself without it getting tagged by my own
>spam filter, spamassassin, because the ip address I got from comcast
>was in this huge block of addresses that some black list considers a
>spam source.  So I ended up having to authenticate/forward my mail
>through comcast's mail machines.  This is the only thing I use comcast
>for, other than getting an ip address.  Are there reasonably priced
>mail forwarding servers?  $20/year to forward email would be cheaper
>than the extra $20/month I pay comcast over the price of qwest's basic
>ip service plus dsl.
I get e-mail and web hosting from pair. Their smtp-after-pop relay 
doesn't show the connecting I.P. in case you got put on a false black 
list. Look at the headers on this e-mail for more details.

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