[NCLUG] free 10/100 NICs

Goodman,Darrin Darrin.Goodman at ColoState.EDU
Wed Jun 27 07:26:40 MDT 2007

Warren, I too would like to take one or more NICs off of your hands, perhaps at the next NCLUG meeting.  Thank you!

- Darrin Goodman

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Joe Lurker here ... I've been meaning to get a home LAMP project off the
ground for nearly a year now.  One of the hold ups has been a lack of NICs
and a SmoothWall-capable box for cheap/free (or rather, my lack of effort in
trying to round them up).  If they haven't been spoken for yet, I'd be happy
to take three of your NICs off your hands!  I can pick them up at the next
NCLUG meeting at CollegeAmerica, if you're going to be there, or maybe the
next HS meeting (not tonight).


Joe Martin
joe3eagles at gmail.com

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> Does anyone need a 10/100 NICs? I have quite a few that I'd rather give
> away
> rather than throw away.
> Thanks,
> wt
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> Warren Turkal (w00t)
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