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Warren Turkal wt at penguintechs.org
Fri Jun 29 03:53:38 MDT 2007

I don't know why you didn't start a new thread for this message. It is 
generally considered impolite to hijack a thread like this. I just wanted to 
let you know that you can start a new thread by sending a new email message 
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I have commented on your message below.

On Friday 29 June 2007 02:45:45 Katy G. B. wrote:
> well i finally read the HackSoc choice,
> as for the amount of compassion &understanding that everyone within
> hacksoc has shown me: may none of you ever reieve the same. in truth i
> hope none of you ever have need for it. i wouldn't wish my diseases on
> one soul in this world. so may none of you ever need or desire help from
> others.

I am sorry you feel that your needs were not considered. I feel that the 
Hacking Society sincerely and pragmatically discussed your situation among 

> and yes sean irc is very much like being with other oss 
> developers in the real world ~ if you're smoking crack!

I think there is value to being together in person, but IRC definitely has a 
low barrier to entry. However, even I don't do much participating on IRC. I 
mostly go to the meetings and enjoy that person to person socializing that 

> though those in 
> hacksoc have shown that they are not oss developers. as an oss developer
> for more than 13yrs. i can personally attest that we happen to be very
> compassionate, understand, and accommodating. though obviously not
> returned: i wish you all healthy, full, fun, and productive lives with
> friendship, love, and a clean ddd, yeah and those non of those either.

FOSS developers are people who program software and release it under a FOSS 
license, nothing more, nothing less.

Having said that, I take extreme exception to these comments. You are asking a 
group that has been meeting for many years in a particular location to just 
split on the company (The Bean Cycle) that has bent over backwards for us. 
You completely disregard the fact that NCLUG meetings at College America are 
fully ADA compliant. You also ignore the fact that we would consider changing 
to a more accessible location if if you showed interest in the accessible 
events of NCLUG (e.g. meetings at College America).

> please, if there is anyone interested in attending a saturday morning
> geek oss g2g, not affiliated with nclug in any way, please email me.

You attitude right here is just down right divisive and antisocial. How can 
that be good for the FOSS community?

> i 
> plan on having this be a social, no food, focused g2g for working on
> projects, discussing news, and even getting together a group who would
> like to join me in an oss/geek podcasts.

It sounds to me more like you want to outclass the Hacking Society or NCLUG 

> this of course will be held at  
> a wheel chair accessible location.

Again, we would be more than willing to consider changing meeting locations if 
you showed any interest in the accessible events.

> and who knows it could change every 
> week... maybe just for fun :).

Clearly, you do not understand the Hacking Society formula. It works really 
well partially because of the constant meeting place. The other important 
parts of the formula are high frequency of meetings and constant time of 

> if there are any other girls on this list 
> please email me. or if anyone has a compassionate &understand girlfriend
> please have her email me. okay i know that it was a bad joke, but i
> couldn't resist just one more.

I really don't understand the joke, I guess.

> well,i've gotten your message, so just... like bye i guess,

I don't think that we've told you anything except that we'd like to see you 
participate in the accessible events of NCLUG. We'd be more than willing to 
consider changing if the interest is real and not just smoke and mirrors.

> Katy... I have 'it', thousands do, and you‘ve probably never heard of
> 'it'. 'it' twists our bodies, 'it' can ruin our lives; and occasionally
> 'it' will take them. what 'it' cannot twist, ruin, or take is our
> DREAMS! 'it' is Generalized Dystonia!
> to anyone _not_ a member of hacksoc. who's interested in learning more
> about the disease that's most recently tried to ruin my life, as it
> ruins many others' lives as well. than you can learn more at:
> http://dystonia-dreams.org/about.php & http://dystonia-foundation.org

This comment is very offensive. I would be surprised if most of our members 
didn't feel some sort of compassion for someone suffering from such a 
horrible disease. However, the fact that you have shown zero interest in 
interacting with the group on any level unless it's done on your exact terms 
is totally arrogant, especially considering that we do have accessible 

> `rpm -e --force --nodeps nclug* >& /dev/null`

Good riddance. We don't need anyone with such a divisive and antisocial 
attitude. Hacking Society is about hanging out with friends and learning 
about stuff (computers and more). It's not about accusing others of being 
insensitive to a disability a person may have when that person shows 
absolutely _zero_ effort in attending the accessible functions.

I am sure that some of that came across harshly, but I think that we are a 
very pragmatic and considerate bunch. I think that you are selling the group 
short by not joining in with the activities that are perfectly accessible to 
a wheelchair-bound individual. You could then meet us and show use your 
interest with more than just words.

Warren Turkal (w00t)

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