[NCLUG] skybeam promo code

Grant Johnson grant at amadensor.com
Mon Nov 3 20:46:07 MST 2008

> The website says to "Ask about out current specials", which would 
> imply that there are some.
> Is there a coverage area map anywhere? Lots of people in Wyoming would 
> love to have an alternative to the crappy options available.
> beww
They bought out LP Broadband.   Their old maps are your best bet.   I 
have it now.  It is not bad.   I used to have AeroQuik.   It was 
terrible, but it was all I could get.   They got bought out by LP, and 
it got a lot better.  I have not yet seen any changes with SkyBeam.   
You should also check out Extreme High Speed and Millhouse Electric.   I 
have heard good about both.

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