NCLUG Hacking Society Minutes

Sean Reifschneider jafo at
Tue May 21 23:10:45 MDT 2002

Sean Reifschneider:

Writing a description of what I want the Hacking Society web page to do,
since shapr has put in some effort to make it happen.

Worked more on the python rsync stuff.  It now compares the set of "local"
files to "remote" files as far as meta-data goes.

Matt Taggart:

Playing Frozen Bubble .  Worked on getting the multi-media keys to
work, by building a special kernel driver for them.

Scott Kleiheg:

Did some research for a while, then downloaded and installed Mozilla
1.0rc2.  Got a package for tpconfig, but didn't install it.

Matthew Wilcox:

Played Frozen Bubble .  Hacked on fslocks.c some more.  Removed the big
kernel lock, found two races involving mandatory locks, and various
and simplifications.

Eric Schwartz:

Worked on learning Ruby, enabling sound on his laptop so he could get the
noises when playing  Frozen Bubble.

Marcio Luis Teixeira:

Figured out how to update the hardware clock so that his date doesn't keep
changing when doing a reboot.  Watching the kernel compile.

Evelyn Mitchell:

Practicing plotting with (Mister) Biggles.  Brought chocolate on
chocolate cookies with cookies.

Katerina Carothers:

More work with her laptop, trying to get APM going.

Keith Cereal:

Berating ACPI.  Worked on making a set of specs for what HE would make ACPI
if HE controlled Intel.  Tried to fix the 2.5 SCSI layer, but left it in a
smouldering pile on the floor in disgust.

Jeff Means:

Setting up Big Brother and VPN support to his local network.

Michael Lewis:

Is releived to be over the hump with getting his job board Zope stuff
done, after getting a push in the right direction from a guy in Maylasia.
The server is getting set up right now.
 Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy.
  ... If both are frozen.
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