ANN: NCLUG Hacking Society, Tuesday May 28

Sean Reifschneider jafo at
Mon May 27 18:30:39 MDT 2002

   Dinner: Souper Salad, 7pm
   Meeting: 311 South College Ave, 8pm

This Tuesday, May 28th from 8pm to 11pm we will be having another
installment of the Hacking Society.  At 7pm we'll be gathering at Souper
Salad for dinner, then heading over to the normal place at 8pm for the
main event.

Souper Salad is off College by the Foothills Fashion Mall, directly across
the street from the main mall enterence.  Their quality had gone down for
quite a while, but they have more recently gotten excellent reports and
seems to be doing better.

The main meeting is in the Exasource conference room in the JYM-IS
building at 311 South College, across the street from the north Perkins.
It's in the back of the Aggie Travel parking lot.

The goal of the Hacking Society is to foster geek community-building
through the shared experience of hacking. Of course, by "hacking",
I mean the more historic meaning of working on interesting projects
(Jargon File "hack" entry, sense 6). Not the "script kiddies trying to
compromise boxes" meaning which has become what most people think of in
relation to the term.

It's meant to be a sacred place full of positive hacking energy, if you
will.  Hacking by osmosis...

Hacking Society is primarily meant for you to come and work on your own
projects, as opposed to soliciting others to solve your problems (which is
usually more what goes on at an Install Fest or at the main NCLUG

More information on Hacking Society, including some ideas for projects to
work on there, can be found at:

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