NCLUG May 12, 2015 Meeting and Talk at the Fort Collins Creator Hub

James DeWitt jdewitt at
Sat May 9 15:12:18 MDT 2015

Hi NCLUGers,

What: May 12th NCLUG ***Regular*** Meeting
When: Tuesday May 12th, 2015, 6pm
Where: Fort Collins Creator Hub, 406 N College Ave 
	Fort Collins, CO 80524 (South door, downstairs)

Please join us for dinner Tuesday at the Fort Collins Creator Hub

Less is More
An introduction to Go
Eddie Kovsky

Go is a new general purpose programming language. It is one of the more
mature entries among the many new languages that have emerged recently
for systems programming. Go was designed from scratch to take advantage
of modern hardware while avoiding some of the pitfalls of previous C
like languages. This introductory talk will highlight some of the
design choices and features of Go that make it powerful and unique.

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