Tuesday October 9th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting

jdewitt at verinet.com jdewitt at verinet.com
Sun Oct 7 12:43:20 MDT 2018

What: Tuesday October 9th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting
When: Tuesday October 9th, 2018, 6pm
Where: Fort Collins Creator Hub,
  1304 Duff Dr Unit 15, Fort Collins, CO; map:

Please join us Tuesday at the Collins Creator Hub, 
1304 Duff Dr Unit 15, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

    Aaron is feeling better now, so let's 
    come and build a storage cluster with Ceph!

    Ceph (https://www.ceph.com/) is a highly available clustered storage
    platform.  It keeps your data safe and scales to very very large size.
    We'll be building a cluster, adding lots of hard drives to it, putting
    some data in it, and seeing what happens when hardware fails.

    Want to participate?
        That's OK.  Come and heckle.
        Awesome!  We have several participation options:
        * Bring a SATA (3.5 inch and SATA2, preferably) or USB hard drive
          and we can use it to store bits.  (The contents of this drive
          be wiped, so please don't bring your only copy of priceless
          photos to the event.)
        * Bring a whole PC!  We can make your system part of the cluster.
          (Ideally this will be running a recent 64-bit x86 Linux OS.
          And have at least one totally free drive to use for holding
          1000baseT Ethernet preferred, but we can handle WiFi only
          If you're able to get the Ceph Luminous packages from ceph.com
          installed, that's even better.  No need to turn them on or
          them yet.)
        * Bring a client system!  There are several client options:
          - An Amazon S3-like interface
          - A block device interface, it looks like a disk (4.9.x or newer
            kernel preferred)
          - A filesystem interface. (4.9.x or newer kernel preferred)

    Have a look at https://frankencluster.alltheshortonesweretaken.org/
    for a little more info.


If you have a Linux related topic, short or long, that you would like to
present in a future meeting, please let us know.

Following the meeting, please join us for food.

Space for the meetings is generously provided by The Fort Collins
Creator Hub. Thanks, FCCH! 

For more information about FCCH, please visit:

See you there!

James DeWitt

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