[nclug-jobs] Oracle/Sun - SW Developer - C, Unix Admin, Python - Broomfield, CO

Lorise Best lorise.best at oracle.com
Thu Aug 1 16:33:25 MDT 2013

Direct Hire with Oracle/Sun - SW Developer - C, Unix System Admin, OS Knowledge, Python, Deployment - Santa Clara CA or Broomfield CO 



The Oracle Solaris Deployment Team is focused on delivering innovative deployment and system configuration technology for the Solaris Operating System, including automating installation/upgrade and enhancing the experience of system administration/management tasks, life-cycle management tools, and tools needed to construct deployment images. 

This highly integrated and geographically distributed team delivers technology critical to customers, especially in the era of cloud computing where quick turn-key and hassle-free deployment is key to the infrastructure. The team collaborates with the broader Solaris organization and Oracle's customers to deliver best of breed software life-cycle management features and technology. 

Our mission in the Oracle Solaris OS deployment and system management team is to ensure customers a "wow" experience from the moment they look to deploy the Oracle Solaris OS. Our code is the first piece of software to get executed when a customer first receives media or downloads the product from Oracle. In addition to that, our core OS technologies and deployment tools are responsible for the success story of many data center deployment aspects including scalable mass deployment and system configuration, lifecycle management, as well as automation surrounding Solaris OS, and Solaris based Cloud deployments. As part of this team, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of the core technology that is the engine and infrastructure for enterprise OS deployment & management for the Oracle Solaris OS as well as a wide array of related OS configuration and management tools that come out of the division. 

Our main goal is to deliver an easy-to-deploy, and comprehensively manageable OS which can be cloned and/or migrated from one system to another quickly, securely, and systematically without degrading software performance and credibility. Innovation in the different functional areas above is key to unlocking this capability, which can then be leveraged in the enterprise cloud environment. 

Ideal Candidates: 
We are looking for intelligent, motivated engineers with solid programming skills, who above all have a desire to learn new and disparate technologies across Solaris core OS, and who may not be tied to a particular programming area or language. Over the past years, our projects have been written in Python, C and Java, with some scripting in Perl and shell for infrastructure support. Well-rounded individuals who are intellectually curious about a wide array of topics should apply. Fundamentally, we believe that having a diverse team with a number of different backgrounds and interests will allow us to creatively find real solutions to our large set of real world problems. 

- BS in CS or equivalent. Master is a plus. 
- Python. 
- C/C++. 
- UNIX OS administration knowledge. 
- UNIX internals system knowledge (Solaris is a plus). 
- XML/UML and schema design knowledge and experience. 
- PERL. 
- Java. 
- Ability to work with geographically distributed team that develops technology critical to the release and customers. 
- Ability to work across Solaris OS teams (ZFS, Packaging, SMF, Networking, etc.). 

Local Candidates Only Please.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume directly to lorise.best at oracle.com with IRC2098720 in the subject line. 

Thank you, 

As part of Oracle's employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screening process, prior to an offer being made. This will involve identity and employment verification, salary verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable). 

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