[nclug-jobs] Oracle/Sun - SW Developer - OS, C, Library, Kernel, FOSS - Broomfield, CO

Lorise Best lorise.best at oracle.com
Thu Aug 1 16:39:52 MDT 2013

DIRECT HIRE WITH ORACLE/SUN - SW Developer - OS, C, Library, Kernel, FOSS, Python, Perl, Unix - Santa Clara, CA or Broomfield, CO



The Solaris Modernization team is creating the next generation Solaris experience for administrators and developers.  The goal is to improve productivity for Solaris customers and encourage Linux customers to switch to Solaris.  The focus is on enhancing existing system software that spans user-level, system library and kernel code, and providing additional FOSS user tools and software stacks.  New software must preserve Solaris value-adds while improving FOSS compatibility, provide the same or better performance for the Solaris product, and support binary compatibility for most Solaris applications.  Creating this modern environment for Solaris requires creativity and the ability to balance multiple and often conflicting requirements.


We are seeking an experienced software developer to work on existing and new technologies on an engineering team that has members in the UK and the US.  You will evaluate technical opportunities, identify product gaps and requirements, work independently and on small teams, deliver code to the Solaris product, and impact the experience of Solaris system administrators, users and developers around the world.


* Experience with C, shell programming, and makefiles. Familiarity with Python desired.
* Familiarity with two or more of POSIX, Single Unix(tm), GNU, or other Unix-like commands and interface families.
* Understanding of the divergences between those families.
* Experience in utility or library development and/or maintenance desired.
* Familiarity with multi-platform software construction tools, such as GNU autoconf.
* Experience with popular C programming libraries.
* Participation in open source development communities desirable.
* Experience with standards processes desirable.
* Proven excellent mentoring/coaching skills to help grow the team.
* Great team work, initiative and communication skills
* BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or related technical discipline (or equivalent).


Local Candidates Only Please.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume directly to HYPERLINK "mailto:lorise.best at oracle.com"lorise.best at oracle.com with IRC1936249 listed in the Subject Line.


Thank you,




As part of Oracle's employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screening process, prior to an offer being made. This will involve identity and employment verification, salary verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable).





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