[NCLUG] CD burning problems

Dan Fink danbob at starband.net
Thu Jan 8 08:12:31 MST 2004

Still having problems; after upgrading both my O/S and gnometoaster, now 
I can't even blank CD-RWs. I will look into xcdroast. Now we know at 
least 2 people have requested a Linux port for Nero -- I've written them 
about it too -- I really do like Nero.

Donald A. Syvanen wrote:
> Dan-
> My first impression is to not be concerned on ways to configure
> gnometoaster to work, but to switch to xcdroast.  I began my CD-burn
> experience with gnometoaster, but after trouble, I switched and have fair
> experiences with xcdroast.  I have destroyed 3 CD burners in the last two
> years, so I will stay with Windows ME Nero until I can talk the Nero
> people into GNU/Linux conversion.
> Don
> On Tue, 06 Jan 2004 12:28:48 -0700 Dan Fink <danbob at starband.net> writes:
>>Hi all. Trying to get my CD burner working. With help of folks on 
>>this list I did get it configured so that cdrecord and gnometoaster 
>>recognize it, and I can successfully erase a CD-RW using gnometoaster.
> But I 
>>get errors along the lines of "illegal mode for this track" and "i/o 
>>error"  when I try to burn data to it. It's a cheap I/O magic CD-RW
> drive, 
>>but since it can blank a disc I'm assuming it's set up right, and I
> know 
>>the drive works in Windows. Nothing in gnometoaster setup appears 
>>unusual.  Any ideas for where to start trying?

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