[NCLUG] Asterisk & T1

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 19:55:18 MDT 2005


I'm an instructor at CollegeAmerica and I and our IT
person have done some work with Astrisk with our
students not to long ago. No one here is an expert on
Asterisk, but perhaps we could help or offer resources
if there would be a possibility that we could get some
of our students involved with this project!

-- Marcio

--- jeff <jeff at themoes.org> wrote:
> I'm getting a data T1 to FRII and will connect it to
> a Sangoma A101 
> running either GNU/Linux or OpenBSD.
> I thought it would be cool, if possible, to peel off
> a few channels (say 
> 4) and use them to provide free local VoIP.
> FRII has their own VoIP type services, but I wanted
> to do this myself to 
> learn more about it and to experiment with Asterisk.
> The only way I can figure this can be done is to use
> a PRI, which is way 
> more expensive that a point-to-point T1.
> So, ideally I would like data bandwidth to FRII and
> have some channels 
> dynamically allocated to the PSTN. Or, if that isn't
> possible, have a 
> few channels dedicated to the PSTN.
> I'd also like to do it with a card I can pop in a
> Free Software box, 
> instead of some black box, so I can play with it. :)
> Ideas? Input? Anyone? :)
> Thanks,
> -Jeff
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