[NCLUG] Asterisk & T1

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 22:32:10 MDT 2005

> > I just looked online and it appears as if Asterisk
> > does support this particular card. Apparently one
> of
> > the configurations is related to what channel to
> use,
> > so I'm wondering if it is possible to configure
> > asterisk to use four lines of the card. The
> question
> > then becomes, can you set up some other service on
> > that box to bridge the remaining channels to your
> LAN?
> As far as the Sangoma and the OS, it appears to be
> possible (and pretty 
> straightforward) to mix voice & data. I've installed
> their drivers and 
> went through their ncurses config tool and it's
> pretty nice (I did this 
> without a card installed).
>   The part I don't fully understand is the
> provisioning of the line itself.

I don't know about that part either. It looks to me
like there are several companies out there which offer
"integrated T1s", which do precisely what you want (do
a google search on those terms). Whether FRII can
offer this service is the part I do not know.  The
difficulty lies on whether they have the equipment on
their end to provide this service. Call them. It's in
their best interest to get your business, so if they
can't do it, they should be able to refer you to
someone who can!

I know a telecom engineer at CSU who has been very
helpful to me in the past. I'll call him tommorow and
see if he can offer any guidance on this.

-- Marcio

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