[NCLUG] Lilo or Grub

David Braley davbraley at comcast.net
Thu Feb 23 15:51:26 MST 2006

All right, it's quiet and about time for a dumb question, so I give all 
of you permission to flame the crap out of  me for being stupid and to 
damn lazy to use google :). Here is my problem:

I have several Linux boxen running here at home, and I can not remember 
which ones boot with lilo or grub (there is a mixture of both due to 
some older hardware lot happy with grub). They all have both lilo and 
grub installed on each box (this was by default on installation). When 
they boot up, I can not tell by closely looking at the boot screen 
whether lilo or grub is in control of the boot process.

So.... How can I tell which boot loader is in control at boot time?


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