[NCLUG] Lilo or Grub

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Thu Feb 23 16:27:41 MST 2006

>>>>> "David" == David Braley <davbraley at comcast.net> writes:

David> All right, it's quiet and about time for a dumb question, so I
David> give all of you permission to flame the crap out of me for
David> being stupid and to damn lazy to use google :). Here is my
David> problem:

David> I have several Linux boxen running here at home, and I can not
David> remember which ones boot with lilo or grub (there is a mixture
David> of both due to some older hardware lot happy with grub). They
David> all have both lilo and grub installed on each box (this was by
David> default on installation). When they boot up, I can not tell by
David> closely looking at the boot screen whether lilo or grub is in
David> control of the boot process.

David> So.... How can I tell which boot loader is in control at boot
David> time?

I use a nice brute force approach (which works at least): 

dd if=/dev/hda bs=32k count=1 | strings | grep GRUB

change /dev/hda to your boot drive. 
If this returns:


then grub is in the master boot record. If it returns nothing then
it's lilo (or something else). 

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