[NCLUG] *hugs*, hi I hope that you're doing great!

Katy G. B. katy at dystonia-dreams.org
Tue May 15 22:42:07 MDT 2007

    **hugs*, oh hon*

hello everyone :).  my name's katy(no-duh huh).  i've been "using" linux 
since circa 1993(if what we had back than was "usable", LOL.  i remember 
the days of the five floppy minix... and like oh my god am i glad we've 
moved past that.  now i'm a web designer, developer, internet artist, 
hacker, code junky... can syntax be considered a drug?  i write in like 
everything from c to php(my faves) and tons more.  anyways i'm now 
disabled because of a neuro-muscular disease called generalized dystonia 
<http://dystonia-dreams.org/> but i still code, create, &write like all 
i can.  anyways i'm looking forward to meeting everyone next month and 
yeah i was also wondering when the next meeting of the hackingsociety 
is?  anyways just my basic hello, hi, &for Goodness sakes i hope 
everyone is doing wonderfully.  *hugs*

take care & ttfn: katy

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