[NCLUG] The Microsoft vs. Red Penguins Thread

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Trouble with that nonprofit coop structure is, suppressive entities can too easily infiltrate an organization like that and tank it.  That's exactly what happened to the old International Tesla Society, and it's one of the reasons why the energy crisis is so bad in the USA now.

Historically, only motivated good individuals have ever accomplished anything.  In other words, benevolent dictators like Linus Torvalds and many of the independent developers who have given so much to us.

Incidentally i should mention that many energy researchers are learning from Open Source models, and are promoting various versions of those in regards to the development of advanced energy technology.  Since i am now hanging out on a limb that's very much off-topic for this list, please contact me privately if you want to make any comments about energy research.

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>Certainly, it would be nice if the legal structure was a non-profit cooperative
>with open membership to/by/for patent contributors, clear open elections for
>	I'm more partial to the OSDL Patent Commons -- which isn't aimed at
>	creating a body of patents in the hands of a single organization whose
>	good intentions might change in time, and which isn't focused solely on
>	Linux.
>	  http://www.patentcommons.org/
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