[NCLUG] The Microsoft vs. Red Penguins Thread

Katy G. B. katy at dystonia-dreams.org
Fri May 18 18:37:18 MDT 2007

    *with Goodness in heart: thoughts &feelings of Goodness, warmth, 

while it like totally ticked me off when ms came out and made these 
accusations, especially with their /"threat of sueing indivuals"/ its 
all clearly FUD.  as for organizing 'open source patents' its a way nice 
idea but not only really pointless it would distract from what truly 
needs to be done, which is to basically just make clear that their 
claims are, if not without merit, at least next to impossible for them 
to even do anything about.

with their own recent win with the supreme court making it much easier 
to show something as just like an obvious evolution of 'software 
development' vs. anything truly innovative,  and to even imagine 
anything ms may hold a patent over as innovative is just laughable.  not 
to mention anything covering 'graphic environments' and etc, like they 
mentioned, is obviously going to have clear prior art.  the most valid 
claim they may have may be over fvwm's win9x look 'n feel at best.  and 
these would easily be defeated.  because where as art maybe copyrighted 
its not patentable.

and with the continued and ever increasing work by the eff to over throw 
'obvious' &prior art patents they would have no chance of winning 
anything in any case like this.  not to mention the pr disaster it would 
be.  ms sueing ever lil linux user would make the riaa's law suits look 
almost nice.  which of course explains their own pr vp's immediate turn 
around, being all like "oh no no we're not gonna sue..".  it was funny 
at best.

sadly i feel the more attention the community give this FUD the more we 
give ms what they want.  personally i feel like its just bs and we all 
know it; so i sleep soundly.  always with a lil laugh imagining monkey 
boy throwing a chair at bill gates(what do you bet that's happened 
before, lol).

btw, just a quick note about over throwing stoopid patents.  if anyone 
has any like cheap-bytes cd-roms(or others) prior to 1994 that contain 
hyper-links the eff could really use them.  anyone can read more 
here(@eff:Prior Art Needed) 
<http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/archives/005254.php>.  and/or contact 
Philip H. Albert 
<mailto:phalbert at townsend.com?subject=Acacia%20Prior%20Art> with that 
info or any tips, tricks, or ideas on getting/finding cd-roms and alike 
that could help this cause.  /okay, personal plug/rant/babble like done./

/with Goodness, Love, &Caring: Blessed, Healthy, Hopeful, &Safe May We 
All Always Be,
        Katy, we're all many *sparklingDREAMS*/
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Michael Riversong wrote:
> Trouble with that nonprofit coop structure is, suppressive entities can too easily infiltrate an organization like that and tank it.  That's exactly what happened to the old International Tesla Society, and it's one of the reasons why the energy crisis is so bad in the USA now.
> Historically, only motivated good individuals have ever accomplished anything.  In other words, benevolent dictators like Linus Torvalds and many of the independent developers who have given so much to us.
> Incidentally i should mention that many energy researchers are learning from Open Source models, and are promoting various versions of those in regards to the development of advanced energy technology.  Since i am now hanging out on a limb that's very much off-topic for this list, please contact me privately if you want to make any comments about energy research.
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>> Certainly, it would be nice if the legal structure was a non-profit cooperative
>> with open membership to/by/for patent contributors, clear open elections for
>> board.
>> John
>> 	I'm more partial to the OSDL Patent Commons -- which isn't aimed at
>> 	creating a body of patents in the hands of a single organization whose
>> 	good intentions might change in time, and which isn't focused solely on
>> 	Linux.
>> 	  http://www.patentcommons.org/
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