[NCLUG] Follow up

Kerry Miller n0wiq at comcast.net
Sun Oct 21 05:02:39 MDT 2012

Hi People,

     In /etc/fstab
         LABEL=Downloads   /mnt/downloads   ext4   defaults 0 0

     On this partition I've created a directory structure something like this:
         kerrym2:~$ ls -l /mnt/downloads
         drwx------ 2 root    root    16384 Oct 16 14:46 lost+found
         drwxr-xr-x 3 kerrym2 kerrym2  4096 Oct 16 15:10 Downloads

     Then that user, kerrym2, can do this:
         kerrym2:~$ ln -s /mnt/downloads/Downloads Downloads

And the mounting of this volume could be done in the user set up file 
and the user has read write privileges to that partition or disk.  At 
least this is how I interpret what is explained.

Kerry N0WIQ
My web site URL is:

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