[NCLUG] Tuesday July 10th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting

Sean Reifschneider jafo00 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 09:36:58 MDT 2018

I haven't used it much more than just doing a test cluster years ago, but
I've been keeping my eye on it.  There are components to it: object
storage, block storage, and a POSIX-compatible file-system interface.  The
object storage is like Amazon S3, ans can even be accessed using S3 tools.
The block storage can be used like a SAN for storing virtual machine disks,
and has been supported by Proxmox and Ganeti for a very long time.  That's
where I was mostly interested in using it, but I haven't yet.  The
file-system interface was the last to mature, and wasn't available when I
last tried it.

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 7:21 PM Bob Proulx <bob at proulx.com> wrote:

> > What: Tuesday July 10th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting
> > When: Tuesday July 10th, 2018, 6pm
> > Where: Fort Collins Creator Hub,
> >   1304 Duff Dr Unit 15, Fort Collins, CO; map:
> James opened the meeting with a discussion of the heat of our current
> weather.  It's hot.  It's hot outside.  It's hot in the meeting space.
> All were in agreement.
> Originally Bob wasn't going to be at the meeting but then returned
> from the Detroit trip a day early and so was in attendance.  Stephen
> says he won't be in attendance at the meeting next month.
> Aaron then gave an extemporaneous discussion of "Storage" focused on
> Cephs.  Cephs is a hot new distributed storage and file system that is
> taking the storage world by storm.  I don't know it at all and
> therefore I can only report what I know.  The system sounds like it is
> a RAID-like reliable by replication storage system.  It seems very
> cool.
>   https://ceph.com/
> Much of the discussion was on planning for the next meeting where we
> would bring a collection of hardware and it would be a hands on lab
> building our own cephs cluster.  We are going to bring a Frankenstein
> of hardware and Aaron will lead us through building a cephs cluster.
> Sounds like fun.  I plan on bringing some Frankenstein hardware and
> participating.
> Alex then teased us with descriptions of his recent explorations using
> 'perf'.  Once again a topic that makes me want to go off and use it
> immediately.
> The meeting group voted to adjourn to The New Panhandler's Pizza.
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