[NCLUG] Lots of computer equipment for sale

Sean Reifschneider jafo00 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 23:02:12 MDT 2019

I'm cleaning out the garage and have a lot of equipment that we are
planning on putting out for a garage sale.  Thought folks here might be
interested in them, send me an e-mail if you are interested in anything.
I've looked up prices on ebay, which I'm listing here, I'm open to OBOs
because we all know garage sales are all about those.  At work I also have
some server gear that we are planning to take to electronics recycling, if
anyone is interested in them you could just have them.  I don't currently
have an inventory, but I'll write more about it below.

For my gear I have:

Something around 10 AMD 5879 video boards.  I believe they are all working,
though some may need replacement fans.  I also have literally a box of
cables associated with them, you can pick what you need.  Things like
Crossfire cables, adapters to do HDMI, Display Port, and DVI.  $20 each.

3x Accelero L2 Pro video board heatsink+fan combination for the above
boards.  $25 each (yep, more valuable than the video board, according to
ebay :-).

A whole bunch of power supplies, various wattages.  Some are Antec
TruePower 750 ($35), some Antec SU-380 ($15), I know there was a Seasonic
and I have an OCZ beefy power supply with original box.  Many of them are
modular cable systems, the cables are as they are.  I probably have around
10 power supplies.

Logitech X240 speakers and subwoofer, $10.

4x Samsung 1.5TB hard drives in one of those 5 bay Supermicro "RACK" hot
swap containers (5 3.5" drives in 3 5.25" bays), SATA.  $250

Motherboards: I have ~4 ASRock motherboards with CPU and RAM, though the
CPUs and RAM probably aren't super special.  Like $100 CPUs 7 years ago,
probably 2-4GB RAM.  I need to plug them into a monitor and power supply to
see what's going on.

I also have 4-5 Mini-ITX systems, I think they are all Atom 330, reasonably
nice cases, I believe I have power bricks but I haven't checked and

A Buffalo dual radio AP, maybe 5 years old.

A 5 port Netgear 10/100 switch, that's a gimme.

A Lenovo USB Trackpoint keyboard.  I think it's the one with the touchpad
on it too.  $70.  I think I also have a second one, with the numeric

I also have this weird Supermicro 1U "Twin" box that has two complete
systems in it.  I believe they each are 32GB RAM, each have 4 2.5" drive
sleds, each has 2 ethernet plus another ethernet port for management.  They
might even have Infiniband.  I got it ~5 years ago to put in a colo, used
off ebay, and never even turned it on.

I also have two Kenwood TH-79A dual band 2M/440 HT radios, I no longer have
my license.  Neither turns on when connected to the wall wart, but I
imagine that's due to the battery being dead after being in storage for a
decade.  Might actually be closer to 2...  $60 each..  Only one power
adapter between them.

I also have a small assortment of stereo gear (PSB Alpha B1 bookshelf
speakers with wall mounts $100, Adcom GFA-535 amp, $90, Denon AVD-2000
DAC/Surround Sound Decoder -- kind of a pre-amp but with only digital
inputs, and 6 RCA outputs for amps, $70)

Ok, so the work stuff: We have something like 6-8 servers, mostly HP, some
Supermicro.  Details, I'm not really sure about.  The HPs were probably
pretty mighty 7-9 years ago, like $10K boxes.  2U.  I think they're all
2.5" sleds, but no drives will come with any of them.  Not sure on CPU or
memory, probably dual socket for most, 64GB maybe?  Supermicro is probably
a lower end box.  Might or might not have rails for them.

If anything is interesting, let me know.


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