Fort Collins Connexion comments for home servers?

blc blc+nclug at
Fri Feb 17 16:44:13 UTC 2023

I don't know why I didn't think of this mailing list but after reading the 
last summary, this is the perfect place!

With the recent huge increases in my dollars per month DSL bill that's now 
woefully inadequate in the MB/sec department at least here in Fort Collins 
(Centurylink -- and saying MB/sec is being very generous to what I'm 
getting) I've been looking at Connexion... however as I run a (Gentoo) 
Linux personal mail/web/general use server at home I've been wondering 
about what it would take to change ISPs.

I suspect the main reason for the tremendous cost increases is that I do 
have a very grandfathered /29 static ipv4 allocation.  This 
existing infrastructure would be kind of hard to change.

While Connexion apparently does have static IPs, last time I contacted 
them, I could only get 1.  I figure that to easily port over I would need 
two ipv4 addresses - and this would mean a certain infrastructure would be 
needed on Connexion's part to support this.  With that support, it'd 
make it easier to switch ISPs.

Anyone very familiar with Connexion and how their network is supplied to 
the home premises?  Are IP addresses assigned to their router or can it be 
bridged to ones own routers/machines?  Is it now possible to get multiple 
IPV4 addresses on a single (home) endpoint?  Is their 
reverse-DNS resolution system easily changed so I can continue to get 
smtp service?

Also how does IPv6 work on Connexion, is it 6RD or does the supplied 
router have to do the routing?

Yeah a lot of technical questions here that most people wouldn't concern, 
thanks in advance!

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