Looking for a low-power computer to drive two or three 4K monitors

Aaron D. Johnson adj at fnord.greeley.co.us
Sun Mar 3 16:18:23 UTC 2024

Phil Marsh writes:
> Could someone advise me?  I'm looking for a low energy use computer
> setup to drive two or three 4K monitors.

My HP (not HPE) T640 and T740 thin client machines are totally happy
driving 2 Dell 4K displays.  These are low power machines with older
AMD Ryzen Embedded series processors.  They are totally adequate
desktops for my use.  The T740 has 2 DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets (laptop
memory) and will take a maximum of 64Gibytes of RAM.  For storage,
there are 1x NVMe M.2 2280 socket, and 1x SATA M.2 2280 socket.  There
is also an M.2 2232 socket for a WiFi module.  Additionally the T740
has a low profile PCIe slot (35Watt maximum power delivery for this
slot, I believe.)  Mine has a dual port Mellanox 10Gb Ethernet card
installed.  HP had a low power Radeon GPU option available for use in
this slot, but it it not needed for watching YouTube videos.  Or for
intense Frozen Bubble matches.

Very quiet machines.  There is a fan in the T740, I hear it spin up
maybe once a week, and for not more than 15 seconds at a go.

I'm pretty happy with mine.  Debian 12 runs just fine with the
non-free firmware-amd-graphics package installed.

- Aaron

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