[NCLUG] Setting up ad-hoc wireless?

Jim Wildman jim at rossberry.com
Sat Aug 24 17:33:00 MDT 2002

I just returned from a stay at the Club Quarters hotel in Chicago.  They
have wireless access in every room, at no additional charge.  I took an
Aironet card with me, assuming I would have to tweak it some.  Booted my
Dell laptop with the card, su'ed to root to config, and found that it
was up, configured and live!!  It had chosen the wireless card ahead of
the built-in 10/100 nic, and gotten the correct ID, dhcp, etc.  Very
impressive.  RedHat 7.3, with the sole addition of the wireless-tools
rpm package.

Jim Wildman, CISSP                                      jim at rossberry.com

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Marcio Luis Teixeira wrote:

> I'm surprized it even works at all. Long live Linux! I'm glad I'm not having 
> to do this on a Windows box, because I doubt it would have been as easy! :)

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