[NCLUG] Re: Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Rich Blinne e-lists at blinne.org
Tue Jan 18 09:38:56 MST 2005

Matt wrote:

> > I have the 1.5 down / 768 up service ($28/mon from 
> > Qwest), 
> > ...
>Does DSL uniformly get these speeds around Fort Collins?  When DSL
>first came out I couldn't get it because my house was too far from the
>central office.  Now, they say it's fine but I'm wondering if I'll get
>the full bandwidth, or even most of it.  I have a cable modem now but
>would like to go to the qwest basic internet and save some money
>because all I use is the internet connection and not the web/email
When I went from 640k/256k the best I could get was 640k/640k (and a 
high price) because 1Mb/768k wouldn't work. I am now at 1.5M/1M and a 
cheaper price to boot! I am using pair for my web and e-mail hosting 
(and pairNIC as my DNS server). pairNIC is a good way to go because you 
have full control of your DNS. no-isp.com is also good if you want to 
run your own mail server as they have a backup MX service and support 
dynamic DNS.

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