[NCLUG] how much disk space to load X?

Keith Chatfield@MyCast-epn.com kchat at mycast-epn.com
Tue Jan 27 12:43:44 MST 2004


A disk on module is handy for this application as well.  They come ready to
plug into the IDE slot of your mini itx board.

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> I'm wondering how much disk space is needed to run enough linux to
> have an X terminal.  I'd like to make a quiet (as in no moving parts)
> box and put my compute/server in the furnace room.  I can get rid of
> all the fans using something like mini-itx.  But I also want to get
> rid of the disk drive and was thinking of using compact flash as a
> bootable drive.  A 1GB compact flash is under $200.  So the question
> is can I build enough of a system run X, have audio, usb, keyboard,
> mouse, etc, and fit it in 1GB with swap and all that stuff.
> On my current system I have about 1.3 GB used in / and a bit more in
> /boot.  But I assume I don't need most of that.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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